The Consortium particularly intends to organise activities of the following kind with consortium member companies and organisations:

 • Advanced professional training courses (summer schools, workshops, university master programmes) sponsored by public bodies, companies, professional associations and foundations;
• Projects in response to European Community calls for projects, in collaboration with partner companies and associations in the appropriate category;
• Research projects commissioned and funded by public and private companies.

Natural partners for the above listed initiatives are small or large companies operating in the fields of digital communication technology and multimedia and interactive production.

Research and design activities will refer to the world of art and design, and its enhancement. Particular focus will be laid on the role that artistic production, and design – above all in its digital and interactive forms – can play in boosting social, cultural and economic dynamism in the various urban and suburban contexts, or in the purely virtual space of digital networks.

This aim breaks down in various ways; the following sub-aims are those that best express the vocation of the Consortium:

•  The development of innovative forms of aesthetic production according to the possibilities offered by digital technology, networks, multimedia interactivity, and participation through personal access, user and active participation devices. The main innovations are those in language, format, context of use and creation, and modes of production and access.
• The creation of services for aesthetic enhancement aimed at increasing visibility and making it accessible in open or closed mode.
• The creation of services for building opportunities for encounter and collaboration between operators in the field of digital aesthetics, so as to foster practical and cultural synergy and collaboration.
• The creation of experimental aesthetic forms in public settings primarily to upgrade, animate or spark off a reconsideration of the place (hospitals, schools, libraries, shopping precincts, meeting places, stadiums, theatres, playgrounds and so on).
The creation of aesthetic productions accessible online, or collocated in physical contexts, which deal with issues of social interest triggering new sensibilities and awareness.

When drawing up research projects to present for funding, the consortium works with professional figures from its two founding structures, the Accademia di Brera and the Politecnico di Milano, to formalise the proposals and co-ordinate collaboration with partner companies.

There is also the possibility of participating in projects co-ordinated by public and private consortium member companies, within initiatives that guarantee the consortium a role coherent with the missions of its founding bodies.

The advanced professional training courses are organised according to the same vocation i.e. to enhance and valorise the aesthetic skills of coming generations, and the ability to build cultural and social value from art and design, even in contexts that are not traditionally considered their province.

The intrinsically fluid and pervasive characteristics of digital art lend themselves to the renewal of all forms of communication, and all physical and virtual environments, offering the possibility of reaching different user groups in any context and conditions. However, to fulfil this potential, artistic abilities must join forces with design skills to enable formal and functional innovation.