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Application RULES – Master 2015/16

Selection Process.

The selection process is open from July 7th,  2014, to December 19th , 2014.
After receiving the Application Form, Ard&nt Institute carries out a pre-selection according to the sent documents.
Subsequently, the Academic Committee will inform you if the Application is suitable / or not.
Applicants must attend an oral interview with the Academic Committee, after which the final result (admission or non admission) will be communicated.    
The process usually requires a period of 2 to 3 weeks. We therefore invite the candidates to submit their applications as soon as possible.

Starting period of lectures: First Quarter 2015 (see calendar in masters’ Calls details download file)

Admission Requirements.
In order to apply for the admission to the Ard&nt Institute Master Programs, the candidate must have:
1. Degree equal to or higher then a Bachelor of Art, Master of Art or Master of Science
2. High talented students without BA certificate are admitted to attend the course and will receive at the completion of the course a ” certificate of attendance”
3. Intermediate level of English knowledge. Certifications are not required.
The knowledge of the language will be tested during the interview with the Academic Committee

Selection criteria.

The selection is based on the evaluation of several factors, including the skills, knowledge, competences and pre-requisites of the applicant. Motivation that led the candidate to apply will be also considered and future career aspirations.

Selection documents to be sent.
1 Application Form available online at: It must be completed accurately (in English). Link
2. Copy of Degree certificate. The Master is aimed at both BA and MSc/equivalent graduates. The documentation must clearly include the University attended. If the degree was obtained between the date of conclusion of the selection process and the beginning of the Master, self-certification is required with a commitment to send the degree certificate by the starting date of of the course.
3. CV in European format.
4. Motivation letter. The letter must include the reasons that led the candidate to apply in the Master and the interest in the industry.
5. Photo (passport type)
6. Reference letter (Optional document). The reference letter must be written by an academic or professional person.
7. Only for Italian Citizen requiring Scholarship : ISEE form


The interview is conducted by the Academic Committee and allows the candidate to express his/her motivation, competences, knowledge, skills and attitudes.
Distance interviews are available. (with Skype system)

Knowledge of English language.

An intermediate level of English language proficiency is considered an important element in the assessment of the candidate.
The Master courses are entirely  in English.

Selections results.

At the end of the selection process, a written statement will be sent to applicants with reference to the results of their Admission request. The outcome will be alternatively admission or non-admission of the application. If the candidate is eligible for admission, but places available are already fully confirmed, the Ard&ntInstitute reserves the right to place such candidates on the waiting list for the next edition.
The results of the selection interviews are normally communicated within 10 working days from the date of the interview with the Academic Committee.

Sending your Application Form.

The Application Form (with all the documents attached) must be submitted no later than December 19th, 2014:
By e-mail to: (maximum size allowed: 6MB, please zip files)

Scholarships are issued upon request, (see details on admission form):
•    25 % scholarship, allowing a yearly fee = 12.975 euro, vat included
•    50 % scholarship, allowing a yearly fee =   8.650 euro, vat included

Only for italian citizen , upon ISEE model presentation + Italian fiscal code:
75 % scholarship, allowing a yearly fee =   4.325 euro, vat included

In case of Scholarship, the payment schedule is the following :
1st installment =  40% of yearly fee on the acceptance of the application;
2nd installment = 30% of yearly fee by 16th March 2015;
3rd installment  = 30% of yearly fee by 14th May 2015;

Financial commitment.

The participants are required to have a significant commitment both personally and financially.

The total cost amounts to € 17.300 – VAT INCLUDED, payable as follows:
1st installment = 7.300 € – VAT INCLUDED on the acceptance of the application;
2nd installment = 5.000 € – VAT INCLUDED by 16th March 2015;
3rd installment = 5.000 € – VAT INCLUDED by 14th May 2015;

Every  Ard&nt Institute  Master is a  first level University Master, accredited by the Brera Academy , Milan, which will release 60 university credits (CFU, i.e. “crediti formativi universitari”).

1. The first installment is non-refundable. The participant is allowed to withdraw, up to the eighth calendar day preceding the starting date of the course, by submitting a letter (priority mail service) to the registered address of the Ard&ntInstitute, anticipated in any case, by  e-mail; if so, the partecipant may request the return of fees paid, except for the first installment.
2. If the member, with methods described in the previous article, demonstrated an intention not to participate at a later date, that does not give notice and is not present in class, he/she will not be entitled to any refund and must pay the full fee bearing in mind that he/she could alternatively:
a. within a (calendar) year from the starting date of the Course, attend the next edition of the Course (if applicable) or another Ard&nt Institute Master Program, upon payment of price adjustment, if any;
b. be substituted by another person with the same requirements, taking care to provide (putting in writing) all general details of the substitute.

Personal expenses.

The cost of living in Milan is similar to that of the main European cities.
Candidates must consider an average figure of € 900 – 1,200 for personal expenses, divided as follows: € 400-600 for accomodation, € 200 – 300 for meals, € 50 for local transportation, and € 250 for miscellaneous costs.

Please find here listed some website for accomodation in Milan :

Download and fill the application form available here


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