MASTER FED – Food Experience Design

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Director 主任
Prof. Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis

Academic credits issued by:
Accademia di Brera 布雷拉学院授予学分

First edition 第一届

The Master Course is oriented to the all the fields of cultural design ( products, spaces, services for companies, comunication& sales strategy, development systems), strategic innovation of :
• production systems&processes 产品系统与流程
• technology 技术
• experimentation 实验
• enviromentprotection 环境保护

The Master Course provides a complete system of skills which increase the level of competitivness of the products , as a “ local genuine entity”  ( italian or not ) consistent either with the contemporary trends either with the continuous performance improvement.

The partcipantswilllearntoprovide competitive solutions  to improve  or radically innovate the products to become more competitive or unique and to offeralso a service design on the systems, notoly on the products.

The goal ofthe Master isto provide strong tools to develop the enviroment and  the land systems , with complete exposure on project techniques and innovation porcesses on typical local products , like :
• food, wine&drinks 食品,酒及饮料
• agriculture 农业
• food & wineTourismous 食品 & 酒文化传承

The Master Course is completely in English

End of registration : 15 July 2014
Lessons start :            24th Aug 2015 – 13th Sep 2015 with E-learning platform
课程开始时间(网络在线课程):2015年8月24 日 —— 2015年9月13日
Lessons in Milan       14 Sep –  23 Dic 2015
课程开始时间(授课地点:米兰):2015年9月14日 —— 2015年12月23日
Vacation :    24 Dic 2015 – 06 Jan 2016
假期:2015年12月24日 —— 2016年1月6日
Internship/degree thesis : 07 Jan 2016 – 30th Jun 2016
实习/毕业设计:2016年1月7日 —— 2016年1月30日

Yearly fee:
17.300 euro
Scholarship and fellowship available on demand (within 19th december 2014 )