MASTER THE OTHER PHOTOGRAPHY – New Instruments and Sustainability for the Photography



Prof.  Roberto Rosso

Co-Director (stage promoter)
Prof. Marco Eugenio Di Giandomenico

Academic credits issued by:
Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera di Milano
(Delibera del Consiglio Accademico del 16 aprile 2014, ai sensi dell’art. 17.4 Statuto ABABRERA ex DPR n. 132/03)

Second Edition

The technological development, the outbreak of the expressive possibilities and the market trend of the photography show this medium is definetely the most contemporary among those from the XXI century.
Also the photography is a form of art able to approach a wide range of enthusiasts and creatives thank to its poetics, expressive languages and techniques.
The master attracts students who are passionate about all types of visual storytelling: photography, videography/cinematography, design, fashion and multimedia. As creative entrepreneurs, our students typically work in journalism, advertising, fashion and the nonprofit world — with many choosing to work across industries — and they publish their work via myriad distribution platforms, from books, magazines, and newspapers to digital options, such as smartphones, tablets, the web, cable and broadcast channels, to film festivals and gallery exhibits.
Our goal is to customize your studies to meet your interests and needs.
This second edition of the Master “THE OTHER PHOTOGRAPHY – New Instruments and Sustainability for the Photography” focuses mainly on the “Fashion Photography” and provides students with the specialized knowledges with a specific reference to expressive, productive and technological methodologies, the most used ones in the sector.
The issue of “sustainability of photography” is studied with particular attention. Students are provided with the most advanced procedures and methodologies of CSR (Corporate Social Reporting) to analyze the social impact of the photographic initiative.

The Master Course is both in English and Italian

End of registration: January 31, 2019
Lessons start:  February 2019

Yearly fee:
17.300 euro
Scholarship and fellowship available on demand (within October 31st 2018)


Scholarships and Incentives for Students

To facilitate the most needy and deserving students, the ARD&NTt Institute proposes, for the 2018/2019 edition of the Master “THE OTHER PHOTOGRAPHY – New Instruments and Sustainability for the Photography”, facilitated enrollment fees according to two different levels of merit that reduce the cost full (€ 17300) respectively 50% (€ 8650) and 75% (€ 4325). Applications to take advantage of the special rates are to be submitted on simple card by October 31, 2018 to the e-mail address: and to the e-mail address: The Scientific Council of the Ard & nt Institute will determine, by November 15, 2018, with unquestionable judgment, the allocation of the discounted rates.