MASTER FADE – Fashion Design Experience

Course details – 课程详情

Application form – 申请表

Director 主任
Prof. Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis

Academic credits issued by:
Accademia di Brera

First edition 第一届

The Fashion Design is the field deeply “ingrained” in the Made in Italy culture and requires professionals able to interface  with manufacturing to provide B2B and B2C markets the best solutions based on the modern trends . The discipline enables also to develop and promote the field , the manufacturing processes , the margins and the economics.

The goal of the Master is to form a cultured professional , able to manage and organize as a project all the creative and production processes in the fashion eniviroment, with a deepknowledge of the textile industry and also with the sensitivity to the behaviours and needs of the contemporary society.

The aim of the master is to form designers with complete skills on :
• Research 研究
• Analysis 分析
• Textile field 纺织业
• product( fashion + furniture ) 产品(时尚+家具)
• total fashion 时尚整合

The participants will learn to design the entire project cycle in the textile industry.

The Master Course is completely in English

End of registration : 15 July 2014
Lessons start :            24th Aug 2015 – 13th Sep 2015 with E-learning platform
课程开始时间(网络在线课程):2015年8月24 日 —— 2015年9月13日
Lessons in Milan       14 Sep –  23 Dic 2015
课程开始时间(授课地点:米兰):2015年9月14日 —— 2015年12月23日
Vacation :    24 Dic 2015 – 06 Jan 2016
假期:2015年12月24日 —— 2016年1月6日
Internship/degree thesis : 07 Jan 2016 – 30th Jun 2016
实习/毕业设计:2016年1月7日 —— 2016年1月30日

Yearly fee:
17.300 euro
Scholarship and fellowship available on demand (within 19th december 2014 )